Who knows what new product
we'll come up with next?

About Kosher Innovations

We are a small Jewish company based out of Toronto. (Yes, our office is in Canada!) and our name explains our mission: Our goal is to invent and market creative products that benefit the Shomer Shabbat community. We are constantly exploring ideas for Jewish products that are practical, innovative and halachically permissible.

We make sure that all of our products are approved by leading poskim (Rabbinical Authorities who specialize in specific Torah laws). That way, you can be assured that any Kosher Innovations product meets all halachically applicable requirements--such as for keeping Shabbat or Kashrut.

Although we are best known as the creators of the KosherLamp, we have produced other popular items such as the Bug Checker Portable Light Board, the KosherClock, the Shabbos Toothbrush and the Shabbos Toothwash. And we won't stop there. We are always working on new and exciting ideas. Check back from time to time to see what's new!



It all started when Rebbitzen Chana who is an avid reader, asked her husband Reb Shmuel if there was a way to hook up some kind of bedside light so she could read in the bedroom on Shabbos.

After looking through the seforim, it appeared that even though many poskim held that the actual “lamp” should only be moved with a shinui, a lamp could be made with a moveable shade that could totally darken the lamp.

As hashgacha (Providence) would have it, one of Reb Shmuel’s congregants, Moshe Orzech, was in the lighting business. Reb Shmuel and Moshe began to create a prototype for this new type of lamp. After much experimentation, and testing, they were ready to start production of this new innovation, the KosherLamp. On his many trips visiting factories overseas, Moshe was able to select a place to manufacture and refine the KosherLamps until it was just right.

Letters were soon filed by a patent attorney, a website was set up and poskim were consulted. The initial model of KOSHERLAMP™ was an instant success. Stores in Canada and the United States started to carry it and then interest spread to Israel, Europe, South Africa, Australia and South America. The KosherLamp is also available directly to the consumer via the internet or through the toll-free telephone number: 1-866-661-5483.

Factory work - grinding    Factory work - wiring
Factory workers create the KosherLamp shape
and begin the internal wiring.


MosheAfter the success of the KosherLamp™, Kosher Innovations is still working on producing practical and innovative new products to enhance the Jewish home. All it takes is a few thoughts like "What if" and "Wouldn't it be great if..." to get something started. Who knows what Kosher Innovations will come up with next? Check your local Judaica store, Kosher grocer, hardware, pharmacy or other Jewish stores for new Kosher Innovations products.

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Pictured above,
Moshe Orzech
President of
Kosher Innovations

If you think you have a great idea and would like help developing it, check out our "Got an Idea?" page.

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