Pink Classic KosherLamp

Classic KosherLamp

$36.95 + $6.80 shipping

What a perfect gift for a daughter, sister, niece, bat-mitzvah or a friend!







Adjust the light on Shabbos

$36.95 + $6.80 shipping

Classic KosherLamp
Height: 11 3/4" ( 30 cm)
Diameter: 3 3/4" (10 cm)

Included with KosherLamp:
-one 15 Watt, Compact Fluorescent Bulb
-Classic KosherLamp manual
-FREE Shabbos Checklist magnet

NOTE: use maximum 15 Watt CFL bulb.


Kids love having KosherLamps in their rooms just as much as adults do:

Even before they know how to read, kids want a KosherLamp in their room. It's fun to sit in bed while they're all warm and cozy under the blankets.

Whether it's flipping through a novel, a magazine, a comic book or a picture book, the Pink Classic KosherLamp provides enough directed light to read without disturbing siblings in the same room. And when it's time for lights-out, a simple twist of the KosherLamp's top will darken the room to suit each child's taste.

The light window can go from wide open brightness to a comforting but small amount of light to complete darkness. Children like to have things just so, and the KosherLamp lets them control the light in their room.

The Pink Classic KosherLamp is not just for kids. If it fits the decor, why not try it in your room too?!


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