Purple KosherLamp MAX Purple

KosherLamp MAX


By popular demand we are now offering the new Purple color KosherLamp MAX!





MAXimize your Light


KosherLamp MAX
Height: 12" / 30.5 cm
Diameter: 4" / 10 cm

Included with KosherLamp:
-one 13 or 15 Watt, Compact Fluorescent Bulb
-KosherLamp MAX manual

NOTE: use maximum 15 Watt CFL bulb.

Looking lovely in the room

Finally! KosherLamp MAX in the color you've been waiting for!

Since we started making the Classic KosherLamp in more colors than Bronze and Silver, people have been asking us, "When are you going to make a Purple KosherLamp?"

We stopped making the Classic KosherLamp since the KosherLamp MAX provides more light but we didn't stop listening to the requests for a Purple KosherLamp.

The Purple KosherLamp MAX can go from MAXimum brightness to a comforting, but small amount of light, to complete darkness. Get the color KosherLamp you want and now get the color you've always wanted.


Purple KosherLamp MAX with KosherClock3
Purple with the KosherClock3

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