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Here's what comes with your Travel KosherLamp

AC/DC Power Adapter:

Take the Travel KosherLamp anywhere in the world. This Power Adapter has a built-in transformer so it will be safe to use in North America, Europe, Israel and with all electrical voltages across the world


Plug Adapter:

This gadget fits on the North American prongs of the AC/DC Power Adapter so the Travel KosherLamp can be used in European and Israeli wall sockets


Travel Bag:

A soft and attractive, black carrying pouch with a draw-string closure. It holds your Travel KosherLamp and all its accessories so you'll have everything you need all in one place.

Bright 360° Light


Travel KosherLamp

Height when in Closed Position: 4.6"

Height in Open Position: 7"

Diameter: 4"

Weight including all accessories: 1.5 lbs (0.675 kg)

Included with KosherLamp:
-universal power adapter (100V - 240V)
-plug adapter (North American to Israeli/European)
-soft travel bag
-instruction manual


Get the light just right
— when you're on the go!

For a long time, people knew that having the ability to adjust the light in their room when traveling makes for a much more comfortable stay and pleasant experience. Tired of schlepping their home KosherLamps, customers requested a light-weight, compact, travel version of the KosherLamp.

And here it is!

Using compact LED technology, the Travel KosherLamp is designed to be small enough to fit in a carry-on bag and sturdy enough to go where you go. The bright light shines in all directions making it perfect for lighting up a hotel room, reading in bed at summer camp or for finding your way in your guest room.

The light is adjustable: dark for sleeping, a small amount for a night light and maximum light to read or to light up the room.

And some people like it so much, they use it every day at home too!

Travel KosherLamp box




Travel KosherLamps are available in these four colors

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