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NOTE: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL Bulbs) are safe when used properly. Never use a lamp that has a broken CFL bulb in it. It is a fire hazard. This is the case with all CFL bulbs. In the event your KosherLamp falls, ensure that the bulb is intact before using. Because all CFL bulbs contain mercury, please carefully follow the instructions from the EPA or Energy Star to safely dispose the broken bulb. As these organizations are always updating their instructions, please find their directions here:
ENERGY STAR FAQ for handling and disposal instructions.
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)- What to do if a CFL bulb breaks.

1. My CFL bulb is broken, what should I do?

First, follow the directions of the EPA or EnergyStar as shown in the yellow box above, as all CFL bulbs contain mercury. The type of bulb required for the KosherLamps are called Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) or Energy Saving Bulbs. These are readily available at hardware stores and other stores such as Walmart, Home Depot and Target. The bulbs are inexpensive and will last for many, many Shabbosim. In fact, CFL bulbs are supposed to last 5 times longer than incandescent bulbs so it could last several years, depending on how much it is used.

You can buy some extra bulbs and use them in your regular light fixtures. You will save lots of money because they use up to 75% less electricity than standard bulbs. See EnergyStar's website for more information.

Call us before replacing the bulb! Our contact information is here.

2. What Wattage should I select for a new bulb?

Use up to 15 Watt bulbs. If it is difficult to find a 15 Watt bulb, you can use a 13 Watt bulb. The new 13 watt bulbs are more efficient and are equivalent in brightness to the older 15 Watt Compact Fluorescent Bulb. Because of this efficiency, fewer stores are carrying the 15 Watt bulbs.

We recommend using a 13 Watt bulb.

Before replacing the bulb, check the sticker on the KosherLamp cord to see which wattage bulb you should use. Originally, the Classic KosherLamp used only 13 Watt bulbs. Newer models, such as the KosherLamp MAX allow you to use 15 Watt bulbs. PLEASE CHECK THE STICKER ON THE CORD.

**If there is no information tags or stickers on your KosherLamp, use a 13 Watt bulb.**

The TeddyNightLight (small bear) must use a 7 watt night light bulb only.


3. Where can I get a new bulb?

CFL bulb

KosherLamp Light Bulb

$4.49 + $6.80 SHIPPING
Buy Now

We now sell our own KosherLamp Light Bulbs. You don't have to worry about which wattage to buy, these bulbs work in all KosherLamps. Just pick up a KosherLamp Light Bulb, sold at many Jewish stores in North America or available from our website.

You can also find similar light bulbs at all major hardware, home improvement and lighting stores. They come in a variety of shapes; coil and tubular, and a range of wattages so look at the labelling carefully.

You can save a lot of money on your electricity bill by using CFL bulbs. Perhaps consider using them for lights that you leave on for Shabbat. Here is a Fact Sheet about the kinds of savings you can achieve.

4. Can I use an LED bulb in my KosherLamp?

There are some LED bulbs that you can use in your KosherLamp. The main concern is that it does not give off more heat than a 13 or 15 Watt CFL bulb. We recommend an LED bulb that is 9 Watts or less. Do not try an LED bulb with a higher wattage than 9 Watts.

5A. I live in North America. Can I use my KosherLamp in Israel or in Europe, South Africa or Australia?

If it is a Travel KosherLamp, the answer is Yes!

Otherwise...No. KosherLamps with North American plugs and bulbs will not work in Israel because the voltage is different. We do not recommend using any transformers to make the KosherLamps compatible and any such use will void the warranty. Fortunately, we have produced KosherLamps with the appropriate plugs and voltages for Israel, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. Please see the list of distributors to get the KosherLamp for the country you need.

5B. I live OUTSIDE North America. Is there a KosherLamp I can use in my country?

Yes. Check our international distributor page and contact the one closest to you.

6. Where can I find a store that sells KOSHERLAMP™ in my area?
Go to our list of stores or browse the interactive map. Click here for the list and map .

7. Isn't it Muktzah, How can I move my KOSHERLAMP™ on Shabbos?
Click here to read the halacha section…

8. Is it safe? Won’t it overheat?

.KOSHERLAMP™ has been tested and approved by the Canadian and American Underwriter’s Laboratories. It also has received European CE approval. KOSHERLAMP™ uses a patent-pending venting system which allows heat to escape while keeping the light inside. This is accomplished by using a high efficiency compact fluorescent bulb. The bulb gives off light equivalent to a 40w incandescent bulb, but with very little heat emitted. Also, the lamp is made from safe polyresin. NEVER USE A LAMP THAT HAS ANY COVER OVER THE BULB WITHOUT THE LAMP BEING APPROVED BY AN OFFICIAL STANDARDS ORGANIZATION WITH THE COVER "ON" THE LAMP!


NOTE: CFL Bulbs are safe when used properly. Never use a lamp that has a broken CFL bulb in it. It is a fire hazard. This is the case with all CFL bulbs. In the event your KosherLamp falls, ensure that the bulb is intact before using. Because all CFL bulbs contain mercury, please carefully follow the instructions from the EPA or Energy Star to safely dispose the broken bulb. As these organizations are always updating their instructions, please find their directions here:
ENERGY STAR FAQ for handling and disposal instructions.
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)- What to do if a CFL bulb breaks.

9. What do I do if there is a problem with my product?
We stand behind all of our products. If there is a problem, you can call us on the telephone. Please see the contact page on our website for details. We will try to determine if there is a solution to the problem over the telephone and will do our best to arrange a speedy resolution. Also, you can refer to our General Warranty Policy at the top of this page.

Or use our Customer Service form here.

10. Can I leave it on for a three day Yom Tov?
KOSHERLAMP™ has been safely tested for up to a month of uninterrupted use with the bulb on, and the shade in the "closed" position.

11. How long will the KOSHERLAMP™ last before I have to replace the bulb?
Most compact fluorescent bulbs of this type are rated at 10,000 hours. Because of the extra heat generated in the closed position, it will slightly shorten bulb life. When installed in a recessed can or totally enclosed fixture Philips rates the life of their bulb at 7,000 hours. Since the KOSHERLAMP™ is vented and not totally enclosed, you should expect between 7,000 – 10,000 hours. (that’s up to seven years of Shabbosim!) If the KOSHERLAMP™ is used only on Shabbos and Yom Tov you should expect years of use before having to replace the bulb.

12. Can I send a KOSHERLAMP™ as a gift?
KOSHERLAMP™ is a great gift. If you’d like to send it as a gift to anywhere in North America, simply fill in the information at the time of your order. You may also send as a gift to any country we are currently serving. Contact us or our distributors for more information.

13. Is KOSHERLAMP™ available outside North America?
Presently KOSHERLAMP™ is available in the 110V North American version, as well as 220v and 240v versions with matching plug and bulb for relevant countries. Click here for a list of countries and distributors. You can purchase 220v versions in a limited number of New York area stores such as Eichlers and Buzz Electronics.

14. Can I buy a KOSHERLAMP™ in a store?
Yes, KOSHERLAMP™ is available in many stores, please see our list of retailers or call for a location near you. KOSHERLAMP™ is also available via the internet … order here now or call our Toll Free telephone at 1-866-661-5483 (In Toronto please call (416) 487-5483. For distributors in Europe, North America, Australia and Israel, click here.

15. I have two Classic Kosherlamps, and understand that the Regency sheds more light. Is that because of the larger shade, or does it also use a higher wattage flourescent bulb?
Currently the Regency and Classic KosherLamps both use a maximum 15 watt compact fluorescent bulb. (The original Classic KosherLamp used a maximum 13 watt bulb - check the label on the bottom of the lamp and on the cord to see which one you have). The minor difference in brightness in the current Regency and Classic is due only to the larger opening in the Regency shade. The KosherLamp MAX has the largest light window and allows the most light to shine.

16. Where can I get a copy of the KOSHERLAMP™ manual?
You can download a copy right here in English, French or Hebrew:

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1. How do I open the KosherClock3 to install the batteries?
Look at the triangular sides of the KosherClock3. Located the triangular side that does NOT have the K. It only has a bunch of holes. Press firmly with your thumb into that triangular side. It should push the KosherClock3 body out of the outer case. If you have difficulty with this, try standing a highlighter or small super-bouncy ball on a flat surface like a table. Then lower the triangular side mentioned above onto the marker/ball. Press firmly but carefully to open the KosherClock.

KC3 instructions
Click to enlarge

2. My clock display looks funny. It's not responding when I press the buttons. What do I do?
Try removing the batteries, waiting for ten seconds then re-installing them. If that doesn't work, try a set of new, name-brand batteries.


1. I can't hear the alarm for my KosherClock, what should I do?
Try replacing the batteries. Sometimes the batteries are worn down and have enough energy to power the LCD display but not the alarm sound. Just use 2 AAA batteries.

...and make sure that you have set your alarm to the appropriate part of the day. Check to be sure that you have set it to "AM" or "PM" correctly. The KosherClock shows a "P" when it is the PM/Afternoon. If it shows 24 hour time, just push the HOUR button to change it back to 12 hour time.

2. My KosherClock has very low volume for the recorded alarm- can I make it louder?
The KosherClock does not have a volume control for the default tone or recorded music for your alarm. However if you wish the recorded tone to be louder simply record your prefered music at a louder volume and the clock will play it at the recorded volume. Click Here for a sample pre-recorded niggun for your clock. Enjoy!

3. The batteries in my KosherClock are dead - where can I get more?
The KosherClock uses 2 AAA batteries. You can find and purchase them at any local convenience or hardware store.

4. The melody on my KosherClock was accidentally erased, how can I replace it?
Easy! Just re-record the melody yourself. Download this Niggun audio file, then do the following:

a) push the black switch on the side of the KosherClock to MSG
b) Hold the KosherClock up to the speakers of your computer
c) Press and hold REC on the KosherClock and play the Niggun using your computer
d) Do not let go of the REC button until the Niggun has finished playing
e) Press PLAY to hear how it worked

You can try this process with other music, using a tape recorder, CD player, MP3 player, etc...

5. I would like to put a different photo into my KosherClock. How do I change the photo?
There is a clear plastic covering with tabs holding the photo in place. Place your thumb on the clear plastic covering, on top of the head of the cute little boy. Apply some pressure and pull down with your thumb. The clear plastic covering will start to bend and can now be removed. Remove the photo and replace it with your own. The photo must be 2" x 3" in size.

To Replace:
Slide the tabs on the bottom of the plastic covering back into place onto the bottom of the left KosherClock frame. While keeping the bottom tabs in place, bend the plastic covering and fit the top tabs of the plastic covering back into the top frame.

6.I lost the instructions for the clock, can you replace them?
No Problem! Click here for a PDF version of the instruction booklet

7. The time displays correctly but the alarm doesn't sound. What should I do?
Your KosherClock uses 2 AAA batteries. They must be inserted in the correct direction in order for all functions to work properly. Each battery has a (+) symbol and a (-) symbol marked on it. Make sure that these symbols match the symbols marked on the back of the KosherClock. If the batteries aren't inserted correctly, there is enough electricity generated to power the Time Display, but not the speakers for the alarms.

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Bug Checker

1. My Bug Checker doesn't work. What should I do?
BEFORE using the Bug Checker for the first time, you need to plug in the adapter to the Bug Checker and charge it for 12 hours. Make sure the unit is turned OFF while charging--you will know it is off because no white light is coming from the light board. The red light on the side will be lit. (For Bug Checker XL, the red light will turn on when charging and the green light will shine when fully charged)

If you still have a problem with the Bug Checker AFTER you have charged it for 10-12 hours, please call us. Click this link for our contact information.

2. I can't find my manual. Can you send me another one?
(Original) Bug Checker Manual
(has one red indicator light on the side)

User's Guide
(Larger, newer) Bug CheckerXL Manual
(has two indicator lights on the side; one is red, one is green)

3. The Bug Checker light is too dim.
You need to charge the battery. If this is the first time you are using the Bug Checker, please see Question #1, above). The Bug Checker is shipped partially charged but it works better if it is charged for a couple of hours first. If after some use, the light is too dim, plug in the battery charger that came with the Bug Checker unit for a couple of hours. The LED lights in the Bug Checker are designed to last over 10,000 hours.

4. Where can I find information on how to check fresh produce for insects

5. Why do I need to use an electric lightbox or device to look for bugs? I thought you can look for bugs with just your eyes.

People certainly do not need to check for bugs with our Bugchecker. I and my Rebbetzen have been checking the lettuce and other vegetables in our home without one for the past 25 years bli ayin hara. As you mention, you only have to check for what the average naked eye can see in proper sunlight. So, for example there is no need to use a magnifying glass. However I was taught by my poskim that I needed to hold the lettuce up to a kitchen window when the sun was shining, or to hold the lettuce up to the light of a bright fluorescent ceiling light so that the light would shine through the lettuce and I could easily detect  the shadow of a bug with my naked eye.

Personally, when I was checking a lot of lettuce, my arms would ache from holding the leaves up to the light or up to the window. Sometimes, on a cloudy day, or at night there wasn't enough or any light coming from the sun.

Our Bug Checker is simply a way to provide enough backlight to replace the kitchen window or using an overhead light. The only alternative until now was to purchase a very expensive photographic lightbox for backlight which is dangerous to operate around a wet kitchen (this is what the professional mashgichim from OU and other organizations have been using until now - however the OU has switched to recommending our bugchecker for their mashgichim because it is safer and portable).

Our product is a convenience. I think we make that pretty clear in our advertising. Since there are many ways contemporary poskim recommend checking for bugs, I suggest you ask your local posek. For more information about current standards in checking for bugs, you can look at the OU Guide for checking produce. Also the Ilowitz family has available a book in Yiddish on Bedikas Tolaim. You can also see some informative videos on checking with a lightbox on the Star-K website.

6. I have a regular lightbox that I use for photography. Is there any advantage in using your Bug Checker lightbox?

Thank you for writing. Certainly a photographic lighbox is the the way most Mashgichim have been checking produce and some home owners as well. The OU and the Star-K as well as other organizations recommend using them.

The OU warns it's mashgichim that the photographic lightbox is a hazard when used around wet produce in the kitchen. It is plugged into the electrical outlet and draws 120 volts.

Our Bug CheckerXL was designed for the home kitchen. It uses LED technology and rechargeable batteries. When plugged in with it's charger it draws only 7 volts DC, therefore it is safe when used in "plugged in" mode or "cordless".

We've also sealed the frame to the plastic backlight screen with silicone to make it water resistant.

The LED bulbs never need replacing unlike the photographic light box.

Finally, our lightboard is only 1/2" thick and about the size of a sheet of paper, so it can easily slip into a kitchen drawer when not in use, unlike the photographic lightboxes.

Even though we designed the Bug Checker for the home kitchen, the OU informed me that they have officially switched to our lightboard for their mashgichim. The Mashgichim said that even though it's a bit smaller and it might not be as bright, the portability allows them not to be restricted to a small corner of the commercial kitchen and when they can spread out in the banquet hall or restaurant, there checking is much better.

Also at MSRP $49.95 our product is much cheaper than the commercial lightboxes available.

Best of all, by purchasing Kosher Innovations products, it allows us to come up with great new products for the frum community.

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Shabbos Toothbrush and Shabbos Toothwash

1. I would like to know what steps were taken to ensure the toothbrush and toothwash are safe and effective from the scientific dental standpoint. Were these products examined by experts in the dental product industry?
In addition to showing the prototype to our Poskim, we also showed it to a number of local dentists here in Toronto to get their feedback. The Shabbos Toothbrush is FDA approved. It is manufactured by a major toothbrush manufacturer for us using the same quality materials

The Shabbos Toothwash is private branded in the USA for us by one of the largest (publicly traded) manufacturers of natural care health products and is based on a product that has a proven track record in the industry. The factory is FDA approved. In addition the product has OU hashgacha.

The primary objective was to provide a product that can be used within the restrictions of halacha - not oral hygiene. We (and the dentists) would not recommend using the Shabbos Toothbrush and Shabbos Toothwash all week long. It will not do as good a job as a regular toothbrush.  However it will leave your mouth and teeth feeling clean and fresh for Shabbos and Yom Tov. All the dentists were happy our products made it available for people to perform this minimal level or oral hygiene on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

2. Shalom Aleichem! Thank you so much for your wonderful products! A question about the Shabbos Toothcare products: Has Rabbi Miller shlita approved them? I believe you state that you "vet" everything through him, but I did not see a letter on the site regarding this specific product.

Thank you for your kind words. Rav Miller has seen and approved the Shabbos Toothbrush and Toothwash. He does not like writing written teshuvas for every shayla. For the KosherLamp he did because he wanted people to know how to deal with the "muktzah" issue. For products which are much more straightforward where there is already a written body of halacha dealing with the issues such as the KosherClock or Shabbos Toothbrush he told me that people can contact him directly if they have any questions.

3. What are the ingredients for the Shabbos Toothwash?

Water, Guar Gum, Glycerine, Menthol, Spearmint Leaf Oil

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1. Can I Kosher my Hot Plate for Pesach?

The top surface of your Shabbos Safe Hotplate can be Kashered for Pesach but please consult your local Rabbi or Hallachic Authority. The unit needs to be clean, free of all food debris, stickers and or stains. If the unit is completely clean, then the stainless steel top surface can koshered by using an open flame. The top surface only needs to reach a temperature hotter than the normal operating temperature of the hotplate. Please be careful only to heat the top surface, avoid heating plastic parts directly with flame.

TechYidCo./Kosher Innovations is not responsible for damage caused by improper use of the flame. TechYidCo./Kosher Innovations is not a Halachic authority, and kashering your Shabbos Safe Hotplate should only be done by a competent Rabbi or Halachic Authority.

2. My biggest concern is that the hot plate is warm, not hot, and will be ineffective at heating up chicken and beef dishes, mashed potatoes, other dense foods. At 2.4 amps, you are not even half the power of the Israeli blechs. What am I missing?

The Shabbos Safe Hotplate surface reaches over 230 degrees Fahrenheit and is perfect for heating up chicken and beef dishes. Yes, the wattage is lower at 280 watts, that is one of the selling points! It is very Energy Efficient as well as safer to use. The Stainless steel element alows it to reach the required temp at the lower wattage.

And also, the Israeli blechs would never get hallachic certification by any major poskim, they are hallachic bishul (the state of cooking) by most standards.

Hallachic Write up for the Shabbos Safe Hotplate.

The Shabbos Safe Hotplate is permitted to be used on Shabbos.

Classic use of the hotplate is for foods that are already cooked and need to remain hot for Shabbos. When such foods are placed on the stove before Shabbos, they require a blech, or cover over the flame.

The Shabbos Safe hotplate does not require a blech. The Shabbos Safe unit only has one setting and there is no method for changing the temperature. Additionally, the heating element is mounted by a metal framework to the bottom housing. There is a one inch gap of internal airspace between the heating element and the surface of the hotplate. Thus, the surface acts as the blech.

Another use of the hotplate is to place fully cooked, dry foods on the hotplate, on Shabbos. The Shabbos Safe hotplate’s surface heat is easily depleted since it is not in direct contact with the heating element, making hallachic bishul inefficient and difficult. Multiple tests have shown that the Shabbos Safe hotplate cannot efficiently cook food, if at all. Thus, in a manner specified by Halacha, one may use the Shabbos Safe hotplate for warming fully cooked, dry foods.


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(Specific Product Warranties override the General Warranty Policy)

Kosher Innovations products are warranted for 90 days against defects in materials and workmanship. Solely for the benefit of the original purchaser (Retain your dated sales receipt as proof of purchase)
COVERED: Replacement of defective parts and labor, and product return to customer.
NOT COVERED: Damages caused by abuse or failure to perform normal maintenance. This warranty is limited to the value of the product purchased, it does not cover any other expense. This Warranty shall not apply to any defect, malfunction or failure to conform to the warranty provisions if caused by damage (not resulting from defect or malfunction) due to unreasonable use by the purchaser. Warranty will be voided if the product has been tampered with in ways that is not meant to be used--such as opening the Bug Checker Portable Light Board casing. If applicable, see specific product warranties for details relating to those products. Also not covered are consequential damages, incidental damages or incidental expenses, including damage to property. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which may vary from State to State.
QUALIFICATIONS FOR WARRANTY PERFORMANCE: Return product with proof of purchase and narrative description of the defect together with your name and address, freight prepaid to Kosher Innovations, 4515 Chesswood Drive, Suite M, Toronto, ON Canada, M3J 2V6. The product will be repaired or replaced at the option of Kosher Innovations, and returned, postage prepaid as soon as practical, but in no event later than 45 days after received by Kosher Innovations.
REQUEST FOR WARRANTY ACTION: Please direct all requests for action on this warranty or any other product inquiries to: Kosher Innovations, 4515 Chesswood Drive, Suite M, Toronto, ON Canada, M3J 2V6. Toll Free: 1-866-661-5483.





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Return Policy for Items Purchased Online at

Kosher Innovations will accept returns of new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by  for a full refund. This does not include shipping and handling fees. Items should be returned in their original product packaging, and must be unopened.

The customer is responsible to get the product back to our warehouse undamaged, in resaleable condition and in original shrink wrap if applicable, either by drop-off (our warehouse is located in Piscataway, NJ) or by courier. Call for shipping details.

The warehouse charges a restocking fee and it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for this charge.

The refund, minus the restocking fee will be provided once all of the above criteria are met.


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KosherLamp MAX Regency Kosher Clock Shabbos Bathroom Tissue Bug Checker Portable Light Board

Enhance Your Jewish Home

At Kosher Innovations, we work hard to bring you practical and innovative Jewish items for you and your family. You can use our products with confidence, knowing that each has been approved by major poskim for halachic compliance.

Kosher Innovations products were designed to solve basic challenges that relate to Jewish observance and we hope that you will get many years of enjoyment out of them.

Where can I find...?

Kosher Innovations products are distributed all over the world. In addition to North Ameria, we have distributors in Israel, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Panama. You can call any of our distributors to find a store nearest you.
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