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The NEW Kosher Fridg-eez™Includes:
-2 small self-adhesive velcro strips
-1 large velcro strip with sturdy pull-tab

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What is a Kosher Fridg-eez™?
Do you like having a light in your refrigerator all week but need a way to keep the light off during Shabbos or Yom Tov?

That is what the Kosher Fridg-eez is for. It's designed to hold down the fridge light switch in order to keep the light turned off. When Shabbos or Yom Tov is over, simply pull the plastic tab to remove it, letting the fridge light shine again.

What makes Kosher Fridg-eez so special?
It's a simple and inexpensive solution to a common problem: how to keep the light turned off during Shabbos that is not messy, so you won't have to remove the bulb or keep applying tape over and over again. There's no cutting involved, Fridg-eez is ready to use right out of the package.

How it works:
Kosher Fridg-eez™ is made from reusable velcro. There are three pieces: two short Fridg-eez strips with an adhesive backing (to stay attached to the fridge) and one long Fridg-eez strip with a plastic pull-tab. Just stick the two small Fridg-eez strips on either side of the light switch and use the long Fridg-eez velcro strip to hold down the light switch.

Instructions for Kosher Fridg-eez

Kosher Fridg-eez™

Product Images below:
Kosher Fridg-eez : front of package Kosher Fridg-eez : back of package Kosher Fridg-eez : large velcro strip
Front of Package Large Fridg-eez™ Strip Back of Package

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy Fridg-eez

  1. Ready to use: just open the package, apply the small tabs and it’s done.

  2. Efficient: no need to purchase a roll of Velcro, measure it, cut it and have a big unused roll left over.

  3. Inexpensive: you can buy one for your fridge and another for a second fridge without breaking the bank.

  4. Easy to use: the plastic pull-tab makes it easy to remove the large Fridg-eez strip.

  5. Reliable: holds down the switch and stays attached to the fridge. The Velcro fasteners are rated at 500 cycles of fastening and removing before their strength is reduced to 50%. If you remove it each Shabbat and before every Yom Tov, you should get 7-8 years of use out of it.

  6. Convenient: no need to take out the light bulb in your fridge anymore.

  7. No mess: taping the switch down leaves messy sticky areas and looks bad. Fridg-eez stays attached to the fridge with no mess.

  8. In Demand: people have been asking for it!
    Wanted: Something that will keep my fridge light turned off during Shabbos and Yom Tov but during the week, the fridge light must be left on. Must be easy to use and not be messy! I', tired of using tape to hold the light switch down. I never know if it will continue to stick. And I don't want to take out the light bulb before Shabbos and have to put it back in again afterwards.
    ('re right, .no one really placed a want-ad for Kosher Fridg-eez, but this is what people were asking us)

  9. Did we mention easy and mess free? During the week, simply hang the large Fridg-eez strip from one of the small tabs or loosely fasten it over the fridge switch.

  10. Kosher Innovations product: brought to you by the same people who brought you the KosherLamp!

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