Kosher Innovations For Kids

Welcome to a sneak peak at our new Kids section, KI4Kids. This will, Be'ezrat Hashem, be a section with activities, games and educational stories and articles for children.

Introducing the Mushroom Friends

We recently held a contest in Binah Bunch Magazine to name our new Mushroom KosherLamp Characters!

Thank you to everyone who participated. We had so many wonderful name suggestions, it was fun to see such creativity! Yashar Koach!


Introducing our newly named Mushroom Friends



More ways to play...Shabbos Water Games outside of Shabbos

Basketball Water Game

Here are some fun ideas to add a little challenge to your Shabbos Water Games outside of Shabbos:

Pick a ball color, for example, let's pick Red. Try to get only the Red balls in the hoop.
Instead of using the buttons, hold the Water Game in your hands and turn, rotate and twist the game while trying to get the balls through the hoop. Try not to let the balls touch the ground!
How many baskets can you make in 10 seconds?


Try to get all the hoops on only one post,
Try to get the hoops on the posts while holding the game upside down. Be careful not to let gravity pull the hoops off the posts!

Shabbos Birds Water Game

Move all the balls to the bottom of the game. Then press the buttons rapidly! How long can you keep the balls free from the containers?
Try to collect all the balls but you must alternate which button you press. Don't press the same button twice in a row!

Matzah Ball Madness Water Game


Mushroom KosherLamp Coloring Pages


Coloring Page Coloring Page
Coloring Page Coloring Page


Purim Coloring Pages

Color Me!

Download the Purim Clown coloring page
Download the Kalman KosherLamp coloring page

Click the links to download - PDF Format (requires Adobe Acrobat)


Past Activity Books

Purim Coloring Pages
Click the Image to download - PDF Format (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Purim Activity Book



Chanukah Activity Book
Click the Image to download - PDF Format (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Kalman KosherLamp's Chanukah Activity Book



Rosh Hashana Activity Book
Click the Image to download - PDF Format (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Rosh Hashana Activity Book for Kids!



Pesach Activity Book
Click the Image to download - PDF Format (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Pesach Activity Book for Kids



Purim Activity Book
Click the Image to download - PDF Format (requires Adobe Acrobat)

Purim Activity Booklet


Be an Inventor Contest

We made a contest in Mishpacha Junior Magazine where children were challenged to think like an inventor and design a KosherLamp for kids. We received many amazing entries which showed how creative kids can be! Here are the top two winners:

Be an Inventor Contest in Mishpacha Junior Magazine

Mazel Tov to R.R. from Brooklyn, New York, for her winning vision of a kid's KosherLamp. She wrote an amazing description of her idea, how it works and added a whole bunch of clever sayings to go along with it.

Pink Classic KosherLampR. has won
a Pink Classic KosherLamp
to decorate her room.


We would also like to say Mazel Tov to N. Grossman from Lakewood, New Jersey, our second place winner! She has one some Kosher Innovations products for her and her family!

The Winning Entries:

Contest Winners


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We'll let you know when we're having exciting new contests, activites, and games, and we'll be sharing stories and interesting invention news. By signing up, you'll also be able to share your stories and artwork about amazing inventions you've seen or made.



Are you an inventor?

Did you ever think of something that would be useful to others? Do you know how you can make something better or have you thought of doing something differently? Let your imagination lead you. If you have a good idea, write it down. Draw a picture of it. If you had all the tools you ever needed, what would you make with them?

A successful inventor will ask these questions and work hard to find the answers. What idea will YOU come up with?

Where can I get help with my Inventions?

Whether it's inventing a KosherLamp or a new kind of car, every invention starts with an idea. But where do you go from there?

Depending on your idea, you can build a working model and test it out to see if it does what you want it to do.

Our webmaster found an Internet link about Inventions for kids, Patents and how they work. It can help give you more ideas about what you can do: