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Think OUTSIDE the Bag!

It's time to think outside the bag! Are you tired of the same old thing? Select from a wider variety of fresh vegetables at your local grocer to enhance the meals at your dinner table. Use your Bug Checker Portable Light Board to check all sorts of delicious leafy greens. Have you tried other leafy green vegetables besides iceberg lettuce and Romaine? Not sure where to start. Read below to learn some more choices.

Veggie Primer

It is important to getting the nutritional energy and the especially high source of fiber found in fresh vegetables. The Bug Checker Portable Light Board allows you to check a wide variety of fresh produce that will give you this nutritional boost. You might not know too much about what kind of vegetables to pick and what to use them for so I'm going to help by giving some tips below.

Expand your possibilities.
With the Bug Checker Portable Light Board™, you can buy a wider variety of fresh vegetables. Now you too can serve exotic-looking, great-tasting salads that you order in your favorite restaurants. Also, you and your family will enjoy the health benefits from all those vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Here is a list of leafy greens and fresh herbs you can try checking with the Bug Checker Portable Light Board, so you can make your own gourmet salads and get that amazingl nutritional boost:

Just hover your mouse cursor over the name of the produce to learn more about it.

Leafy Greens

Fresh Herbs




Boston/ Butter lettuce


Dandelion leaves

Green-leaf lettuce

Mustard Greens

Red-leaf lettuce

Romaine lettuce



Swiss Chard









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So what do I do with all these leafy greens?

Mesclun Mix

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Try some Mesclun Mix!

Mesclun Mix? What's that?
Mesclun is a mix of salad greens available from the wild or the garden and different kinds of leaf and loose-headed lettuce. Originating in Provencal France, the traditional recipe calls for chervil, arugula, lettuce and endive in precise proportions, but nowadays Mesclun mixes include greens such as mustards, cresses and parsley as well as wild greens and all kinds of lettuce.

The original idea was to make a salad that touches upon every taste and texture sensation: bitter, sweet, tangy, crunchy and silky. Mesclun is a treat for the eye as well as the tongue, with its colorful mix of textures.

Lastly, a Mesclun-based spring salad is just plain fun. There are very few salads that can so fully exercise the taste buds and provide the eye with such a visual feast, and few dishes that give gourmands such opportunity to play with different flavors and textures. Blend your salad in the kitchen or at the table and savor the true meaning of "fresh greens". Top the salad with a zesty vinaigrette dressing.

TIP: Add pieces of Romaine lettuce for some extra crunch!


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