Magnetic Shabbos Message Board

Magnetic Shabbos Message Board


-8.5" x 11" area of pre-cut magnetic shapes
Comes with:
-$3.00 in coupons for other Kosher Innovations products
-sign-up for Rosh Chodesh Reminder
-166 color magnet words/phrases
-9 colorful character magnets
-7 customizable blank magnets
-1 magnetic shaped as the Shabbos Message Board Frame
-must be two boards, shipped together in one bundle, counts as one item for shipping.

Magnetic Shabbos Message Board

What is a Magnetic Shabbos Message Board™?
It's a set of magnetic shapes with words or character images that can be used to leave messages for your family on your refrigerator.

What do you do with it?
Shabbos can be a really busy day and it can be challenging to figure out each member of the family's schedule. Which shul did they go to? Which minyan? Are the kids at the park or at their friend's house? Are guests coming over? What time is Abba's class? When will he be back?

The Magnetic Shabbos Message Board helps answer some of these questions. Each magnetic tile contains a word that can be arranged to create your message. There are also little happy face magnets that can represent different members of the family. Help make the Day of Rest more relaxed by keeping the family informed with this Message Board.

Chaim and Shimon went to park. Be back by Shalosh Seudaos

Abba went to learn. Be back at 5PM

Ariella, please set the table for meat meal

Yoshua: at Beis Midrash with Chavrusa

Turn your fridge into a Shabbos Message Center

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Use the Message Board frame to house all your important messages. Cute character magnets to personalize your messages Magnetic Shabbos Message Board Are you getting the Message?

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Magnetic Shabbos Message Board


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