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KosherLamp MAX

KosherLamp MAX means the most light with a bigger window. This is our newest KosherLamp. It's easy to use and has a modern design
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$42.95 each + $6.80 SHIPPING
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Classic KosherLamps

The Classic KosherLamp features the original hexagonal shape. Perfect for reading in bed or as a nightlight. Learn more...

$36.95 each + $6.80 SHIPPING
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Regency KosherLamps

The Regency has a decorative cylindrical shape with a larger light window. Learn more...

$42.95 each + $6.80 SHIPPING
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KosherClock - the Shabbos Alarm Clock
  • <empty>

Easy to use - simple buttons make setting the time and alarm a snapKosherClock features 5 auto-shut off alarms, a voice recording feature and a small picture frame. No problem with muktzah. Learn more...

$16.95 each + $6.80 SHIPPING
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Bug Checker
  • White
  Check fresh herbs with the Bug CheckerTake the frustration and strain out of checking fresh produce. Portable, light-weight and safe to use with wet produce. Uses LED lights. Includes charger. Learn more...

$44.95 each + $6.80 SHIPPING
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Shabbos Toothbrushes and Shabbos Toothwash

For fresh breath every Shabbos & Yom Tov. Halachically approved. Certified Kosher: OU-P. Includes 4 Shabbos Toothbrushes and a 4-oz bottle of Shabbos Toothwash
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$24.95 each + $6.80 SHIPPING
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Shabbos Bathroom Tissue

Easy and convenient. Real pre-cut toilet paper in a unique box. No tearing! Hangs on any roll-holder! This CLUB PACK contains 12 eight-packs (total: 96 boxes) Learn more..

$119.40 per Club Pack
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Magnetic Shabbos Message Board

  • colorful
  One of the 9 magnetic charactersYou can't write on Shabbos but you can still leave messages for friends and family with these colorful magnets! Arrange pre-written words and phrases. Learn more...

$11.90 for two+ $6.80 SHIPPING
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T-Sweater: the original Tefillin Sweater

  • Charcoal Gray
  V-neck Charcoal Gray T-SweaterSleeves unzip to accommodate tefillin. 100% acrylic, machine wash warm. V-neck style, fits nicely over white dress shirts. Learn more...

$24.95 each + $6.80 SHIPPING
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Featured Items


Regency KosherLamp

Control the light on Shabbos and read in bed on Friday night. Comes in a variety of styles and colors to suit every home.



Wake up on time for Shabbos davening with five auto shut-off alarms. Or use the recording feature to customize your alarm for weekday use.

Shabbos Toothbrushes

Shabbos Toothbrushes

Soft rubber "bristles" allow you to keep your mouth feeling fresh when used with the Shabbos Toothwash.

Bug Checker - Portable Light Board

Bug Checker

Find those pesky insects with this portable and rechargeable light board. So easy to use!

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