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We're always working on developing ideas into new products. Our products are designed to assist the Torah observant community to meet the challenges of a modern world. In addition, we feel we have a responsibility to educate people – especially newcomers – in areas of halacha (Jewish Law) that they might not be familiar with. We also want to make mitzvah observance more pleasurable wherever possible while maintaining the strictest standards of halacha and kavod haTorah. That is why, we try to provide not just a product, but also all the information necessary to use and enjoy the product according to Jewish Law. If there is a question regarding a product, do not hesitate to contact us.


It's one thing to have a great idea, it's another thing to take that concept to the next level and bring it to life. There is whole process to product development.

Here are some commonly asked questions (and their answers) related to new products and product ideas. Click on a question to find the answer.

1. What are you working on now and when will it be available?
2. I have a great idea. Can you help me turn the idea into a real product?
3. Do you have haskamas/Rabbinical approval for your products?
4. Where can I find your products?
5. How can I find out about new products and get valuable discounts for them before they are released to the public? Can you send send me an e-mail to answer my questions?


1. As we mentioned above, we are always working on new products and are very excited about them. If you would like to sign up to receive e-mails for products as they are about to be released, fill out the form above. Once you sign up, we will let you know when and where products are available. We'll also send you special discounts, offers and other updates.


2. If you think you have a great idea, check out our Great Ideas page. We would be happy to talk about it. You never know, your idea could be the next big thing!


3. Yes, we do have haskamas for our products. Please see our Halacha page.


4. Kosher Innovations products are available in many fine stores world-wide. Please see our Find a Retailer page to locate a store near you. If you do not see a store near you, you can order items online or contact us by filling out the form above with your specific questions.


5. You can sign up to receive just such an e-mail. We'll send you our new product announcements which will include product photos, detailed descriptions and promotional discounts. Just fill out the form above.


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