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KosherLamp Replacement Light Bulbs

Look for the Replacement KosherLamp Bulb in this lovely box

13 Watts Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Bright White (6500K)

Broken Bulb? Bulb Burned out?

This 13 Watt spiral Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb is specially designed for use in most KosherLamps:

  • KosherLamp MAX
  • Mushroom KosherLamp
  • Regency KosherLamp
  • Classic KosherLamp*

*please check the label on the bottom or cord of your Classic KosherLamp to ensure that it can take a 13 Watt bulb. Some of the original Classics only take 10 Watt.

Our Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are designed to last approximately 8000 hours. If you used your KosherLamp every Shabbos, the bulb should last for six years!

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KosherLamp Replacement Shades

This is where the shade goes This is what the shade looks like
The "shade" is the part of the KosherLamp that covers the light window.

Replacing a cracked or broken shade is simple, just peel off the broken shade and pop in the new one. (Use pliers to handle sharp edges). No glue or tape is required, the shade holds against the curved inner wall of the KosherLamp.

Replacement KosherLamp Shade

This translucent, plastic sheet covers the light window in KosherLamps. It fits in:

  • KosherLamp MAX
  • Regency KosherLamp
  • Classic KosherLamp

The replacement shade fits perfectly in the KosherLamp MAX. It can be trimmed easily with a pair of scissors to fit in Regency and Classic KosherLamps.


$5.00 (Shipping Included)
+ $2.50 for each additional shade

(Outside USA? Put your address in the comments box when checking out)
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Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.

Travel KosherLamp Replacement AC/DC Power Adapter

Power Adapter for Travel KosherLamp
This plug powers your Travel KosherLamp. It can be used in any electrical outlet anywhere in the world if you attach the appropriate plug adapter to it.

(The plug adapter simply lets the plug fit into a differently shaped electrical wall outlet.)

Replacement Power Adapter
for Travel KosherLamp

Take the Travel KosherLamp anywhere in the world. This Power Adapter has a built-in transformer so it will be safe to use in North America, Europe, Israel and with all electrical voltages across the world


Universal Power Adapter
(100V - 240V)
Cord length: 6 feet
Fits North American electrical outlets


$14.00 (Shipping Included)
Available for US customers Only
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for Travel KosherLamp