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Bug Checker Question.

The E-mail:

Since when do we have to check for bugs with your electric equipments?
or is this a money making item for you, as far I know the poskim from the previous doros did not have your items, and I was told u only have to check what the naked eyes sees.
please verify this


The Response:

Dear Reb ######,

Thank you very much for your email. People certainly do not need to check for bugs with our bugchecker. I and my Rebbetzen have been checking the lettuce and other vegetables in our home without one for the past 25 years bli ayin hara. As you mention, you only have to check for what the average naked eye can see in proper sunlight. So, for example there is no need to use a magnifying glass. However I was taught by my poskim that I needed to hold the lettuce up to a kitchen window when the sun was shining, or to hold the lettuce up to the light of a bright fluorescent ceiling light so that the light would shine through the lettuce and I could easily detect the shadow of a bug with my naked eye.

Personally, when I was checking a lot of lettuce, my arms would ache from holding the leaves up to the light or up to the window. Sometimes, on a cloudy day, or at night there wasn't enough or any light coming from the sun.

Our Bugchecker is simply a way to provide enough backlight to replace the kitchen window or using an overhead light. The only alternative until now was to purchase a very expensive photographic lightbox for backlight which is dangerous to operate around a wet kitchen (this is what the professional mashgichim from OU and other organizations have been using until now - however the OU has switched to recommending our bugchecker for their mashgichim because it is safer and portable).

Our product is a convenience. I think we make that pretty clear in our advertising. Since there are many ways contemporary poskim recommend checking for bugs, I suggest you ask your local posek. For more information about current standards in checking for bugs, you can look at the OU Guide for checking produce. Also the Ilowitz family has available a book in Yiddish on Bedikas Tolaim. Here are some website links. You'll see in the Star K video where he is using an expensive photographic light box (not our product).

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