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Shabbos Bathroom Tissue

The 8-Pack



What's special about it?

The Kosher Innovations Shabbos Bathroom Tissue replaces the regular roll of toilet paper and hangs within easy reach. Removing the roll prevents accidental tearing on Shabbos.

It's pre-cut 2-ply toilet paper in a unique box. It pulls easily from the box just like facial tissue but unlike facial tissue, it is sized just right so it's easier on the toilet.

Remove the roll before Shabbos! Replace with Shabbos Bathroom Tissue

The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue is pre-cut so there's no tearing on Shabbos. The decorative dispenser box clearly indicates to you, your family and your guests that this bathroom tissue is made especially for Shabbos. Look at the chart below to see what the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue can do for you.

SBT - The Perfect Choice

Click on the chart to find out the advantages of using the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue.



The Patent-pending Innovative Box

The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue comes in an elegant, sturdy dispenser box. The durable cardboard material won’t break off of the roll holder and is strong enough to withstand heavy use, even by children. Each multi-pack contains four attractively colored boxes to complement any bathroom decor.

Shabbos Bathroom Tissue

The box has two fold-out flaps that allow it to hang from any toilet roll holder. Or if you prefer, the box can sit flat or at an angle. Your family will find the 120 Double-Size, 2-ply sheets per box a convenient size for Shabbos and Yom Tov.

“sometimes we have kleenex or better quality tissues and they are more likely to stuff the toilet and it's also a waste of money”
—product tester


No Tearing on Shabbos!

As you know, some brands of facial tissues have sheets that are connected by tiny perforations. When you pull a tissue, you are actually tearing one tissue sheet from the next.

** This is related to the melacha of Mechateich, which is prohibited on Shabbos **.

With the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue, there is no tearing as each sheet is pre-cut and folded.

“I like putting items in our home that remind us that we are Jewish and that it is Shabbos”
—survey respondent


Children in the house?

The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue is perfect for children (and adults too). The sheets are sized just right so there is little wastage. Each sheet is the size of two toilet paper sheets combined. Children, who are notorious for grabbing fistfuls of facial tissue won't clog the toilet with the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue. The handy Shabbos Bathroom Tissue dispenser box keeps the bathroom looking neat. No more paper on the floor or coming out of the basket.

Keep it neat with the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue Sheets!

“I like the idea of hanging the box on the roll, not to have to rip the toilet paper and not to have mess or the inconvenience of reaching somewhere for it.”
—product tester


Give it a try

The colorful box hanging in the bathroom stands out as special item for Shabbos and Yom Tov. As an extra benefit, by using the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue and removing the regular toilet paper roll, you also remove the potential for guests to accidentally tear paper on Shabbos!

“I am happy you are trying to come up with this product because I have often wondered if it was possible to purchase precut sheets as is sometimes available in public toilets; but one of a better quality. I am happy that your company exists to help make a Shabbat observant home easier.”
-survey respondent


Shabbos Bathroom Tissue

The special box
replaces the roll so no one
accidentally tears on Shabbos!
It's Amazing!


Easy to use

Watch this video to see how quickly and easily you can replace the regular toilet paper roll with the Shabbos Bathroom Tissue.

“I love the idea that it will never be an issue with tearing on Shabbat.”
– product tester


Shabbos Bathroom Tissue Club Pack
Club Pack: $78.95
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Won't Clog the Septic!

Thumbs Up - won't clog the septic!

“As an engineer involved in wastewater processing, I approve of something that'll have more people in the frum community using toilet tissue instead of facial tissue in their toilets on Shabbos.”
—concerned engineer


8-Pack Shabbos Bathroom Tissue
$78.95 "Club-Pack"
(12 x 8 Packs)
(plus $6.80 S&H)
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