Submit an Idea

1. The first step in Idea Submission is to download a Non-Disclosure Agreement form (NDA). This is a standard type of form that protects you and your idea by allowing Kosher Innovations to discuss your idea without using it or making it public knowledge. Download the PDF form here.

2. Next, please read and fill out the form. It can be faxed to 416-638-8484 or e-mailed to us with the header "Idea Submission" in the Subject header.

3. We will contact you once we have received the filled out NDA form. We might now be able to respond the same day--we're working on new ideas too!

Thank you and we look forward to working together,

-the Kosher Innovations Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a Non-Disclosure Form (NDA)?

Answer: This form protects you, the "inventor" and your idea from being used without your permission. This form allows your idea to remain confidential. Please fill out our NDA form when submitting your idea. We will contact you to start the discussion.Please note: we do not guarantee that we will produce your idea. (See the next question) If we do not agree to produce your idea, we will not share the idea with anyone since you have signed the NDA form

Question: What are the steps in actually producing a new invention?

Answer: Having a good idea is great start. The next part is figuring out if there is a market for the new product. It may be a great idea and useful item but if no one will buy it, it's not a good business idea.Part of determining whether it will sell is how much it will cost to make the product. The more it costs, the less likely people will be willing to spend. Some ideas are great but the material costs are just too high to produce. Also, if the number of people who will buy the product is very small, it would not be worthwhile to create the product. Researching the market and producing a working model are necessary steps to see if your idea will work or not. For each idea submission, we will try to figure out these things and whether the product is feasible.

Question: How much money can I expect to earn for my idea?

Answer: That all depends on how far you have already taken your idea. Have you already tried to produce your idea? Have you made a prototype? Is your product just an idea in your head? How much time and money have you already invested in your product idea? All of these factors and more will determine how much money you can earn. If the product is feasible, we will discuss this with you.

Question: I already have a completed product, I just need a way of marketing and distributing it. Can you help?

Answer: It is quite possible that we can help. We have established distribution channels in different parts of the world. Also, our team can produce different marketing campaigns in print, web and other media to advertise the new product. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. Contact us.


Unique products for Shabbos
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Enhance Your Jewish Home

At Kosher Innovations, we work hard to bring you practical and innovative Jewish items for you and your family. You can use our products with confidence, knowing that each has been approved by major poskim for halachic compliance.

Kosher Innovations products were designed to solve basic challenges that relate to Jewish observance and we hope that you will get many years of enjoyment out of them.

Where can I find...?

Kosher Innovations products are distributed all over the world. In addition to North Ameria, we have distributors in Israel, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Panama. You can call any of our distributors to find a store nearest you.
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