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Kosher Fridg-eez

I bought your Kosher Fridgeez, I love it, I scrapped all the tape residue off my gorgeous new fridge and put the new fridgeez on, it looks so nice now and not all gungie with the tape guck that is left over from pulling the tape off every week! Thanks!

-Erin Chana G.

General Comments

I have long enjoyed some of your previous products. May H"B"H continue to inspire you to new innovations
Elkins Park,  PA

By the way, I would really like to thank you for all that you have done for the frum Jews with all of your innovations.

Yay! I love this site because I can get a KosherLamp!
Cleveland, Ohio

You folks are geniuses! You never cease to amaze me with your inventions. I love them!!! Whenever I see that I've received an e-mail from you about a new product, I am sure that it's going to be something really "neat" (figuratively and literally)—and so far it always has been.

Thanks for your efforts…and for making Torah-observance easier.
-Monica C.
Baltimore, MD.

Thank you... Your service is as good as your products -- and I love my KosherLamp. I have it on a zeiger on Shabbos and Yom Tov in our bedroom
-Havivah G.

Thank you for the [Rosh Chodesh] reminder- I really think it helped!
-Rayzel Reich

Thank you for inventing so many great and useful inventions.
-Moshe E.
Lakewood, NJ

Nice, easy-to-navigate site. Great, useful products!
-the J Family
Jerusalem, Israel

You gotta love these ads (especially the slogans!)
-Darrell G.

I think Kosher Innovations is GREAT! I look forward to hearing about new products.
-Carolynne V.

I love all of your products. Thank you!
-Sarah R.

Yaashar Koach for all of your innovations!
-L. Becker


Thought you'd get a kick out of this: We no longer call our light the Kosher Lamp - we call it the Ner Tamid because it's so convenient to use during the week when only one of us wants to stay up reading that we keep it on all week long!
-Ayelet M.

You should know that the Kosher Lamp is my gift of choice to Kallas and new moms! They are so appreciative. It brings real oneg to our Shabbat! shanna tova umtuka.
-Yehudit S

I really like those KosherLamps! We have one and will hopefully get another sometime. I have used it in the kids' room to allow bedtime stories and whaterver else we need, and for reading in my room, when we have guests, etc...They are very low watt energy saver bulbs, and so convenient!

[the KosherLamp] doesn't overheat. It doesn't add a significant amount to your electric bill if you keep it on. Once you use a KosherLamp, it's hard to ever go back.
-imamother participant

Having a KosherLamp is definitely a lot more convenient than having a lamp in the bedroom with a timer. I thought it was a silly invention until I got a KosherLamp for a wedding gift. Now we have two in the bedroom and I'm lost when we forget to turn it on before Shabbos.

I think the Kosher Lamp is the world's greatest invention!

I L-O-V-E my kosher lamp!!
-Jennifer W.

"Dear Kosher Lamp, We love your lamp because it gives us light on Shabbos. Thank you for making it. We used to have it in our old house in Yerushalayim and we loved it so much! Our grandparents have it also in every guest room."
Zehava and Tova G.

Night lights have always been a problem - very scary for my three year old. We found the solution with the Teddy Lamp. It doesn't make scary shadows. My child loves it!
Mindy C.

You've really made Shalom Bayis. My boys always fought when going to sleep. One likes it dark to sleep and the other likes to read. The KosherLamp solved the problem. Who would have thought something I bought for Shabbos would be so useful during the week too. Thank you for a wonderful invention.
Faigie M.

I don't know where you get such innovative and practical ideas, but keep up the great product development.  Your products enhance our enjoyment of Shabbos and Yom Tov!  Your lamps, clock, and other items address real needs in a simple, yet halachically appropriate way.  Thank you so much!
Malka L. Caplan, Baltimore MD

A real Jewish Mom named Roza asks the following question at imamother.com :
KosherLamp - do you have it and/or find it useful?

Read these amazing comments at imamother.com
(and find out what Roza actually decides to do about it)

Rabbi Veffer with his Kosherlamp is providing a great service by making Shabbos
observance easier for the Jewish People.
Rabbi Ari Kahn, Givat Zeev, Israel

That’s neat. My wife will love it.
Rabbi Yitzchok Lowenbrau, Baltimore

Shabbos never looked brighter!
Rabbi Shraga Simmons, Jerusalem

It’s no different than closing the closet door, it’s just better!
Rabbi Yitzchak Kalsmith, New York

Now I can read in bed Friday night.
Rabbi Mitch Mandel, Thornhill

I think it’s great. Simple, elegant and revolutionary for the Shomer Shabbos family.
Rabbi Yitzchak Coopersmith, Jerusalem

It’s brilliant!
Rabbi Naftali Schiff, London

The Almighty gives us Shabbos for “Oneg” (pleasure). The Rambam says this is light.
Rabbi Yonah Yaffe, Jerusalem

I want one!
Rabbi Stephen Baars, Washington DC

A brillaint idea.
Rabbi Chaim Feld, Cleveland

Perfect to put one in each room when kids have different bed times.
My daughter will be thrilled.
Rebbetzen Judy Katsof, Monsey

I want one for every room of the house.
Rebbetzen Naomi Kahn, Givat Zeev, Israel

Now I can send the kids to bed Friday night!
Rebbetzen Chana Appel, Cleveland

I’m delighted with Kosherlamp!
Rebbetzen Ahuva Zauderer, Toronto

My husband will so love this!
Rebbetzen Techiya Levine, Seattle

Incredible! My husband will be so thrilled he can sleep in the dark again.
Suzanne Rotter, Toronto

Mimi Jankovits, Hollywood FL

Been looking for something like this for years. I can’t wait to read with full light before a nice Shabbos schluff.
Boruch Rabinowitz, Passaic

I am the first generation in my family who can read the newspaper in bed on erev Shabbos! Before the KosherLamp, I had to sit at the dining room table to read, then schlep upstairs when I was tired. Now I just put the paper down and adjust the light. Thank you so much!
J.E., Thornhill

Fabulous idea! I love to read late.
Frumie Silver, Toronto

Mark Halpern, Toronto

Loved using it. Very practical.
Sheila Hecker, Toronto

Excellent idea for Shabbos or during the week to replace closet and bathroom lights as nightlights.
Laura Biren, Thornhill

Now I can sleep while my wife reads.
Kurt Stein, Philadelphia

Alan Cohen, Los Angeles

Every family needs Kosherlamp for shalom bayis
Chaya Krohn, Monsey



Shabbos Toothbrush™ and Shabbos Toothwash™

Yasher koach! I love this idea and hope it really cleans teeth!!
-Rabbi Mendel Bluming

Kids fight the whole week not to brush but on Shabbos, they can't wait to brush!
-Ari P.

In regards to the Kosher Shabbos Toothbrush, I found your product amazing! As a girl with braces, brushing my teeth on Shabbos was pretty complicating. After a few people recommended the Kosher Shabbos Toothbrush, I decided to try it. The results were great!

Keep up your great Innovations with Halacha being the priority!
-Hingy O.

Below you will find testimonials written about Kosher Innovations and our products. Just click a link at the left and it will take you to the relevant item.



I am very impressed with KosherClock3, I do not have to set alarms anymore as I have 4 weekday, 4 Shabbos, and 2 Sunday alarms set. This is a superior alarm clock. Keep up the good work and Happy Chanukah!

-Daniel K.

Here's why people wanted KosherClock3:

I could sure use one since my shabbat schedule contains very little rest. It will also help to get my kids to rise so that they can meet me in Beit HaKenesset on time.
-Hadar Z.

A KosherClock would help me ensure my Shabbos naps are timed just right. It also would keep my KosherLamp some company on the nightstand!
-Yudi G.

I would love the KosherClock. I like the fact that it has the weekday alarm. The Shabbos snooze feature is great.
-Leah L.

I'd love one. I use my phone during the week and have no idea how to set it for shabbos.
-Yona Z.

Would love one so that I can set an alarm for my hubby to get up and go to shul then one for me and then one for my shabbat nap!
-Erin G.

Would love a clock so that when I set my alarm on shabbat, I dont have to hear it for the rest of the day.
-Baily S.

I always get up late, especially on Shabbos (don't tell anybody!) so the clock would be very helpful.
-Sharon O.

Sounds like an essential for every Jewish home!
-Ettil H.

I'm constantly changing times on my alarm, and sometimes forget, so the KC3 would be great
-Zev M.

I'm in a yeshiva that the Madrichm do not wake anyone up for davening on Shabbat. Without an alarm it is really hard to get up for davening. I had the older version of the shabbos clock, but it is died due to over use. I really need a new one, this past Shabbat I almost missed Shacharit, and I don't want to again!
-Ilan R.

Being able to set different alarms for different days is GREAT! So is the ability to cove up the "snooze" button for Shabbos & Yom Tov, for those of us who like to swat our clocks in our sleep! I will surely be getting at least one of these KosherClock3 clocks.
-Steven C.

This year is filled with what I would like to call "three day Yuntifs" and after my first month at Kerem B'Yavneh I realized that sleep is essential and Shabbos/Yuntif are the time to get all caught up! Every day had it's prescribed time for Shacharis, thus it's own wake-up-time. Accordingly I set my Shabbos alarms.

After each alarm going off at a different time, with no ability to turn it off, my roommates were annoyed at the blasting "beep-beep-beep" that could be heard through-out the dorm. This is why I want a KosherClock3. For both the convenience of the separate alarms each day, and for its' new quieter setting!
- Jonah K.

I own both of the previous Shabbos alarms. This new one looks like a BIG improvement! 10 different alarms?? Gevaldik!
-Avi S.

I would LOVE a Kosher Clock to wake me up for Shul on Shabbos and from my nap and.... the list just goes on and on....
-Eli T.

The new edition Kosher Clock sounds great...good warning for all the different carpools and activities I have to remember...oh yeah and maybe next year you could make one that reminds you what time shabbos starts and ends :-)
-Nechama F.

I've been looking for an alarm clock that can be used on Shabbos - this is a wonderful item that's easy to transport (we often go away for Shabbos) & one that will be put to good use, whether for waking up in time for Shacharis, especially if we have to daven somewhere else that's further than normal, or for waking up after our Shabbos naps.
-Chumi B.

I love going to Hashkamah in my shul's Beth Hamidrash which means I need to get up by 6:30. I can't think of a nicer way of being woken up for this mitzvah (as listed in Elu Dvarim) than by hearing the sound of a shabbos clock! Sitting next to my kosher lamp, it would make the perfect shabbosdik accompaniment
-Kalman V.

To add to my Shabbos and Yom Tov pleasure,
My Kalman Kosher lamp I really do treasure,
Now, I'd love a Shabbos clock to get me awake,
So no more oversleeping by mistake,
A better Chanukah gift I truly couldn't measure.

...Thanks for coming up with these great ideas!
-Jodi M.

Magnetic Shabbos Message Board™

Just to let you know about an idea I just had. Your magnets can come in handy for all those going away to hotels for Pesach. Most of these doors are magnetic. If families go away together, these can be used to let people know when they are sleeping, at a shiur, etc. Bought it for myself for just that reason.
-Marvin D.

Your magnetic board looks wonderful, and I've been planning to write out notes to leave messages with for Shabbos - I just never did...now I probably won't need them as long as I can train everyone to look at the fridge!  Y'yasher kochachem!

"Avid KosherLamp Devotee"

"I really like the happy face with the bright red bows."

Marya N.
Toronto, ON. Canada

T-Sweater: the original Tefillin Sweater™

My three sons wouldn't even look at sweaters, because putting on Teffillin while wearing
them was so uncomfortable. You must have been reading my mind! Thank you for a great idea.
-Sarah Ahuva S.

This is the greatest idea. I hope you do well…..Have a great day.
-Ellise G.

Unbelievable! Kol hakavod!
-Robbie S.

Mazal Tov for coming up with these wonderful ideas !!!
-Orly S.
Panama, Republic of Panama


Shabbos Bathroom Tissue

"This [Shabbos Bathroom Tissue] is a good product because previous to using it I had to call my plumber every six weeks to unclog the toilet from the regular tissues I used."
-Z. Schwartz

"The Shabbos Bathroom Tissue is so accessible!"
-B. Triest

"I love it. It's amazing"
E. Brauser

Wow! Once again you've come up with a fabulous idea. Yasher Koach!
-Susan R. (Englewood, NJ)

BRILLIANT! Much success!!
-Kalman P.

-Steve Greenberg, Gadget Nation

“As an engineer involved in wastewater processing, I approve of something that'll have more people in the frum community using toilet tissue instead of facial tissue in their toilets on Shabbos.”
-concerned engineer and survey respondent

“This product is neede because there should be no chilul Shabbos by anyone.”
-survey respondent

“I like putting items in our home that remind us that we are Jewish and that it is Shabbos”
-product tester

“sometimes we have kleenex or better quality tissues and they are more likely to stuff the toilet and it's also a waste of money”
--product tester

“Tissues are expensive and I dislike wasting them for the bathroom. If this product was similar in price to regular, good quality toilet paper, I would buy it.”
-product tester

”I always aggravate my back when twisting to reach the tissue box behind me on the tank. Hanging the [Shabbos Bathroom Tissue] box on the roll holder makes so much sense! Great idea!
-survey respondent




The KosherClock has brought such Shalom Bayis to my home! I wanted an alarm to wake me up on Shabbos morning and tried using my cell phone, but it wouldn't shut off! I asked my Rav for an alarm clock for Shabbos and he told me to try the KosherClock. It's a perfect fit for my house because I like to wake up at a different time than my husband. I have my own alarm, he has his own alarm and both alarms turn off after a minute!
-Miriam L

"I'm an only son and when I was saying Kaddish, I couldn't sleep well Friday nights, worrying about missing minyan. That's when I purchased a KosherClock and began to sleep well on Shabbos again."

I bought my husband the shabbos clock--he doesn't go to sleep shabbos afternoon if he forgets to set it!
-Nissi U.

Finally, someone came up with the idea of a Shabbos alarm clock!. I've always had trouble waking up on Shabbos till now! And the fact that it stores up to five alarms is great! Thanks for a great product!
(Brooklyn, N.Y.)

My kids love playing with the voice recording feature! They take turns recording their voices and playing it back, making a big game out of the whole thing. Who would have thought a little clock would be so much fun!
-D., Toronto

Bug Checker™

Hi!  This Bug Checker light is WONDERFUL!! It makes the task of checking greens & herbs so much easier. Thank you for developing & marketing this innovation!
-E. Kuepper

" [The Bug Checker] is good for commercial use for
the same reason it works in a private kitchen.
It's small, light, portable and easy to use."
-E Prizont, mashgiach

"I tried out the recipe you gave me – it was delicious, and the bug checker too, its fabulous!!
Waiting to try out more of your recipes. Many Thanks"
-Tzippy F.

"Now that I have the Kosher Innovations Bugchecker and I can see what I couldn't
see before; I have to go and do Teshuva for all the bugs I've missed in the past!"
- Anonymous

"The lightboard is a fabulous tool for the Kashrus observer. It is a practical, convenient, and useful way to assist in inspecting produce and preventing us from violating the very serious prohibitions of eating insects. The lightweight and compact design make it very easy to keep in the kitchen, thus making it a kitchen gadget that should be found in every Kosher kitchen."

-Rabbi Benzion Twerski
Milwaukee Wisconsin

"I have been thrilled with your Kosher Lamp products, so I was very excited to purchase your Bug Checker Portable Light Board as soon as I heard about it. I have purchased two light boards, in fact - one for me, one as a gift!"

-Chava N.
Atlanta, GA



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